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Personal Insurance

We'll Shop for the Right Personal Insurance Protection for You

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Home, Umbrella, and Valuables

Your house is likely your largest single investment.  But every home is different, and a small difference in policy language can mean a BIG difference when a claim happens.  Living in the Midwest, we know that your house can get damaged in a hurry.  Don't trust your home coverage to a cookie-cutter insurance policy...let us shop around to find you the right coverage at the right price!

Auto Insurance

Did you know there can be a wide range of prices for auto insurance based on your unique characteristics?  By not shopping your auto insurance you may be missing out on valuable discounts.  Let us shop with the top-rated companies to see how you can save money.  Why shop around to lots of agencies when we can shop for you?

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Life and Disability Insurance

One of the most unselfish things you can do for your family is to plan ahead and get life and disability insurance.  Nobody wants to think about passing, or getting injured to where you can't earn up to your full potential.  But we all know that these unfortunately happen.  How will your family continue to be able to live a decent lifestyle?  Let us shop the top carriers in the industry to find you the best coverage for you.

Farm Insurance

Farms are extremely complex operations.  Are you covered if a cow wanders through a broken fence?  What about if a barn catches fire?  Or your combine is wrecked because of a large rock in a field?  We have your farm insurance covered, with several companies to fit your unique circumstances and risks.  From a small hobby farm to a several-hundred-acre row crop farm, we'll find the right farm coverage at the right price.

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