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Health Insurance
Group Benefits

Health care is one of the largest expenditures you and your family can have.  And the current landscape for health insurance can be daunting.

If you need health insurance on yourself, or are looking for a group plan for your business, we have unique solutions for you!

We also can provide an entire suite of Employee Benefits for your company.

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Individual Health Insurance

If you do not participate in a group health plan, you know how difficult it is to find affordable coverage.  Even the Marketplace can be difficult to navigate.

We offer some unique options that you won't find anywhere else!  We can even find you some very affordable coverage that may not be available through other agencies.

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Group Health Plans

We are your local experts in group health plans.  While we represent the large companies, we specialize in level-funded health plans which allow your business to keep excess health plan funds.  Did you know you can get a group plan with as few as two emloyees?  You will also find that we can integrate some very cool features, such as free Primary Care, at no additional cost!  Give us a chance to improve your group health plan and save money at the same time.

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Employee Benefits

Today's employees demand quality benefits.  While your group health plan is a huge component of your benefit package, you'll also want to provide additional benefits such as:

-Group Life

-Group Disability

-Group Personal Umbrella

Health Insurance and Group Benefits: Packages
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