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Church / House of Worship Insurance

We are specialists in the unique risks faced by Houses of Worship

Does your insurance company cover you for the unique challenges faced by churches and other houses of worship?  Most standard business insurance policies don't cover things like:

  • Pastoral and Counseling Liability

  • Sexual Abuse or Misconduct

  • Day care or schools

  • Theft of money by employees or volunteers

  • Data Breach or Cyber

  • Religious Expression - getting sued for standing up for your religious beliefs

  • 15-passenger vans, buses, etc

  • Directors and Officers

  • More...

Our companies specialize in houses of worship, so we can offer tailored coverage your current company probably doesn't!

Image by Debby Hudson

Property Coverage

Churches and other houses of worship usually have unique property characteristics.  You might have an A-Frame chapel, a tall steeple, or hold services in a metal building.  Your original building might be 100 years old.  Our companies are used to these unusual types of buildings.

We also ensure you have coverage for things like pipe organs, musical instruments, and stained glass.

Liability Coverage

Liability is a big deal when it comes to houses of worship.  You don't operate like every other business, so your exposures are different.  You probably have mid-week gatherings, day care, sports teams, rent out your space, or other events, in addition to weekly gatherings.  You probably have a lot of volunteers.  But a standard insurance policy likely doesn't cover these items.  Let us help you get these covered at an affordable price.

Church Interior
X-Ray Results

Workers Compensation

Most businesses are required to carry Workers Compensation insurance.  But did you know that this coverage is very competitive now? You might be paying too much for this valuable coverage, so let us shop your workers comp through our multitude of companies to find you the lowest price we can!

Get in touch to sign up for an insurance package today.

Church - House of Worship Insurance: Information
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