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Commercial Property, General Liability, Auto, and Umbrella

Whether you own your building or rent space for your business, you likely need to insure against loss to your property.  You'll also need coverage for your General Liability.  This could include coverage for your products or your completed operations (if you're a contractor).  Many times, though, you might not be covering all of your risks, or paying for coverage you don't need.  Let us take a look at your current program and make recommendations to improve your coverage and price.

Workers Compensation

Most businesses are required to carry Workers Compensation insurance.  But did you know that this coverage is very competitive now? You might be paying too much for this valuable coverage, so let us shop your workers comp through our multitude of companies to find you the lowest price we can!

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Professional and Management Liability

Do you give professional advice?  Examples of this could be doctors, lawyers, realtors, and consultants.  If you give any professional advice, you need to carry Professional Liability coverage.  Lawsuits from the giving of professional advice is usually NOT covered under a standard business owners policy.  You'll want to make sure that you are not leaving yourself open to a lawsuit with no coverage!  We offer Professional coverage for most professions through some of the leading companies on the market.

If you have shareholders or employees, you should also consider Management Liability.  This could include Directors and Officers and Employment Practices Liability insurance.

Data Breach / Cyber Liability

It seems like every day there is another news story about a company losing sensitive customer data.  But if you think this risk is limited to large companies, you would be wrong.  Approximately 58% of data breaches occur in small businesses.  And when it happens, it's devastating for your business.

Data Breach (aka Cyber) insurance will help you recover from a situation like this.  Our companies have dedicated teams who help you recover from a data breach: Incident response, customer notification, reputation recovery, and protection from lawsuits.  In today's world, it's not a matter of's a matter of when.

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